Musical Bingo

Fancy trying something a little different ?

Why not try our AMAZING fun ‘Musical Bingo’ which can be run alongside a music night, quiz night, a private party or even at a fundraiser event !

So how does it work ?

Well scrap any thought you have about BINGO, with pink rinses and the likes … ‘Musical Bingo’ is a fantastic game for young and old alike and you’ll even get everyone helping each other with the sing titles, which makes for a very social event ….

Players can either ‘buy’ or be’ given free’, a Musical Bingo card, which has popular songs (and their artists) listed, in place of regular bingo numbers.

As the host, I then play a series of songs and if the players have got the song on their cards, they mark it off. Players can be awarded prizes (given by yourselves) for 4 corners and/or a line and/or a full house !

When players have a winning status, they shout out ‘LET’S ROCK’ and then the game card is handed to me and checked to validate their win.

It’s LOTS of fun and you’ll be singing along to the songs, as you mark them off your card.

GiveĀ ‘Musical Bingo’ a try today …

Get in touch with me now, to discuss your requirements and get a personalised quote, based on how many Bingo Tickets you need producing for YOUR event !

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