Race Night Services

Race Night Services


Want to run a race night and raise funds for your club, charity or cause ?

A race night, is a fantastic way to raise funds, as well as excellent entertainment, that gets everyone in the spirit  and excitement of the races.

Funds can be raised before the event itself (which you could use, to offset against the hire of holding your race night, then everything else you make on the night is profit !

How It Works …

Prior to your event – Your venue pro-actively asks customers/fellow workers/members to be a horse ‘owner’.

In doing so, they pay a fixed amount, let’s say £2 to become an ‘owner’. There are 8 horses per race, which would give you a total of £16 per race.

Each race night has 8 races, so if you sell all ‘owners’ in all 8 races, that gives you a total of £128.00 for selling owners.

If you then sold ‘jockeys’ on top of this for all 8 races, that would double the income to £256.00 if you sold ‘owners’ and ‘jockeys’ for all 8 races

Each race could be sponsored on the night and the sponsoring company get to name their race (Eg, The Coca Cola Fizzy Cup). The company would then have to provide two prizes, one for the winning owner and one for the winning jockey. This way, all the money you make on the sale of ‘owners’ and ‘jockeys’ can either go towards your fund, or offset against your hire costs and you don’t lose out.

You could also get people to either donate a winning prize, or alternatively buy a bottle of wine for each winning owner/jockey on the night !

On the Night Itself …

Race Cards are provided by ourselves and everyone attending the event can get involved. The tote is opened for each race at a time, whereby a ticket for your chosen horse can be purchased for £1 per ticket. Multiple tickets may be purchased for either the same horse, or a number of other horses.

We have our own tote sellers who run and manage the tote for you (A percentage is paid out to the winners and the remaining percentage goes towards your funds). The split is usually 50/50.

Once the ‘Tote’ is closed, no more bets can be placed and we will work out all the odds (payouts) for each of the horses should it come first. Note: Winnings are ONLY PAID OUT ON FIRST PAST THE POST !

Once the tote closes, a race is chosen at random and everyone gets to cheer their horse on, to be first past the post.

The winner is announced and winning tickets, collect their winnings from the tote and all losing tickets write their name clearly on the back of the tickets for a chance to win a prize at the end of the night. (Pick a set number of tickets at the end of the night and have some prizes set aside for these winners …. Doing this helps keep both your venue tidy and keeps everyone interested until all 8 races have been run).

Once all winnings have been paid out for the previous race, the compere will announce the opening of the tote for the next race and continues this way until all 8 races have been run

There are additional ways of increasing your fundraising activities both prior to the event and on the night itself and we’d love to discuss these with you, once you decide to use and hire our services.

What’s Included …

As a fully contained event, we provide ‘Race Night Posters’ to help promote your event, a ‘Race Sponsor Form’ so that you people can become an ‘owner’, ‘jockey’ or both before the race night, ‘Race Cards’ for the event itself, so people know the names of the horses on the night (these will also be displayed on your TV, at the start of each race), we’ll also be providing betting slips, calculating all the odds per race and overall, making sure that YOUR event is a huge success.

Our race night services takes care of EVERYTHING – You provide the people and we’ll do the rest !

Contact Me today to see if we have availability for your required date.