Speedquizzing Virtual BuzzerSpeedquizzing is an amazing interactive quizzing experience, increasing in popularity, as it brings a whole new dimension to the pub quiz and also prevents the usual cheating that is associated with many quiz nights !

As a Speedquizzing host at the Shears pub every Thursday evening (from 8.30pm), I invite you to come along and experience for yourself what this new, fun and interactive way of quizzing, is all about.

You’ll need to bring your own Android phone or tablet, fully charged on the night with the speedquizzing app already downloaded onto your phone or tablet. You can download it for free here from Amazon. Just look for this logo to make sure it’s the correct one :-

Once downloaded, just make sure you’ve got plenty of charge in your battery and bring it along on the night. Let me know that you have come down to have a go at the Speedquiz and I’ll help you get all connected up (don’t worry it’s not difficult and only takes a minute to set up).

I run 4 rounds of questions, each with a fastest finger first for extra bonus points, by beating all the other teams and giving a correct answer quicker that the other teams (this should bring out your competitive side)

We hook up to the TV screen in the main bar area, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on the 10 second countdown clock, whereabouts you are on the scoreboard, as well as seeing who gets the fastest finger bonus points – Hopefully it will be your team name which flashes up on the big screen … Come along and show us your competitive side !

There are letter questions, number questions, multiple choice questions and picture questions to test your general knowledge, so come along, take part in the whole fun of the night with plenty of prizes to be won on the quizzes, as well as our Suits You card game and ‘Stand-Up, Sit-Down, Bingo’, money prize games

If you’d like me to host a speedquizzing quiz for you, either as a one-off event or on an ongoing basis, then please use the ‘yellow Contact Us’ button on the left hand side of this page, to drop me a message, or call Richard on 07708 926771

Our speedquizzing events can be run through the daytime or evening, whichever is best for you and your event.

Our quizzes can be tailored around team-building events, corporate events, educational events (within schools or other youth organizations), in fact there are plenty of possibilities, which are only limited by your imagination !

Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer