Tortoise Racing

You’ve tried Race Nights, which often come in the form of Horses, Dogs and even Camels and Pigs, but have you ever tried Tortoise racing ?

Don’t worry, we don’t use the real thing, as we really could be there all night on just one race !

Instead we use, adorable animated Tortoises, who jet pack, bounce, scoot or snooze their way to the finish line in a variety of settings …

Using our unique Tortoise Racing software, it randomly generates a different winner, each time the race is run, so we don’t even know who is going to win each race until it has finished either (making it exciting for us to watch too !)

We’ve also got a range of scenes from which the races are set, such as the city, arctic, jungle or even the wild west.

So as you can tell, no creatures were harmed during the making of this software 🙂

You want a night of fundraising fun, then why not try our Brand New Amazing Tortoise Racing Nights and bring a whole new level of FUNdraising to your next charity night !

Contact us today for full details of our tortoise racing packages and how we can help raise funds for your charity.

Check out our tortoise race sample below …